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Women Who Box is on a mission to connect Women Who Box and want to box in their local communities with other women, coaches, and gyms who support WWB.


It's simple, boxing changed our lives. Imagine if we all came together the impact we could have, the friendships we could make, and the lives we could change.

There's an estimated 12 million women a year that experience depression. 74% of women feel under pressure to please everyone. 1 in 4 cope with negative or harmful activities. 


Boxing releases feel good chemicals in the brain that can distract from a negative mindset and provide motivated hope for the future. It puts you in an alpha state of mind. Sometime's all it takes to impact someone's life is a coach who believes in them, a friend whose there encouraging or an action that empowers you.



Are you a boxing coach or personal trainer?  Sign up now to get more information on how to become a WWB community coach.


Are you a gym that supports WWB, interested in hosting community events, want to be listed on our gym locator? we want to hear from you.

Women Who Box

Are you a boxer, a fighter, a badass that wants to connect with other women in your local community? sign up now.

Want to Box

Are you interested in boxing, making friends, connecting with other badass women. Then you are in the right place, click below.

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