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Women Who Box: @ilomusk

A voice, a story and inspiration by ilo Musk - @ilomusk

Hi, my name is ilo, pronounced e-low and I, like many other women, found peace within, through #boxing- the irony right?

I started boxing because I wanted to add another form of #workout and strength to my plate, as weightlifting did not give me the satisfaction of being a #strongwoman. Subconsciously however, I wanted to box because I wanted to become powerful, independent, and #fight anything that may harm me, mentally that is.

I slowly let go of working out at the #gym and spent more time in the boxing gym being trained by a professional #boxingcoach. He saw the potential, drive, and strength in me and was training me like one of his #fighters. Subconsciously, I wasn’t only training physically, but mostly #mentally.

Over 12 million women a year suffer from #depression. Over 50% of women feel the need to look like many social media models, which leads to body shaming themselves, eating disorders, and drug use. Additionally, many women, like myself, suffered all forms of abuse in my previous relationship.

As many other strong, beautiful, and independent women who have been gaslighted, I did not know how to get out and free myself. During Covid, the toxicity, emotional and mental abuse got worse and worse. I found myself boxing 5 days out of the week, as if I was training for the fight of my life.

I truly believe that my subconscious and my angels were guiding me and pushing me for the fight of my life yet; divorcing from the toxic relationship I was in and starting fresh. I will say it was not easy, but boxing helped me through it. It has been over six months now and I will forever be grateful to my #body, #mind, my #coach, and boxing for getting me to where I am now, mentally, #emotionally, and most importantly #physically.

I gained my #confidence, #self-esteem, and inner light back and am unstoppable in the ring and outside the ring. I can showcase my inner and outer #beauty and sex appeal, while also showing my #badass #boxingskills. So yes, embrace your sex appeal, as confidence goes a long way. Wear that outfit, rock those heels, put on that lipstick, then get back to business in the ring! I train like a fighter, and the fight never ends. I have been able to #empower other women on this journey and meet so many beautiful and badass women along the way. I always say beauty is nothing without strength and I am my own beauty and beast.

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