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Women Who Box: @ilomusk

A voice, a story and inspiration by ilo Musk - @ilomusk

Hi, my name is ilo, pronounced e-low and I, like many other women, found peace within, through #boxing- the irony right?

I started boxing because I wanted to add another form of #workout and strength to my plate, as weightlifting did not give me the satisfaction of being a #strongwoman. Subconsciously however, I wanted to box because I wanted to become powerful, independent, and #fight anything that may harm me, mentally that is.

I slowly let go of working out at the #gym and spent more time in the boxing gym being trained by a professional #boxingcoach. He saw the potential, drive, and strength in me and was training me like one of his #fighters. Subconsciously, I wasn’t only training physically, but mostly #mentally.