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Women Who Box: @Just_Lijertwood_Strong

A voice, a story and inspiration by Charlene Lijertwood - @just_lijertwood_strong

I started #boxing in lockdown March 2020 - all my coping mechanisms for my #MentalHealth had been stripped away from me and I felt myself trapped with my own demons.

My husband bought a #boxingbag for the garden and some pads and we slowly began the basics - he isn't a coach - but he's patient.

There was something about smashing a bag or pad that made me feel alive again - after feeling numb for so long through living with #PTSD. I started watching and following #boxers - I drilled basics and without realizing it I became addicted to the feeling I got from boxing.

I dropped 16 lbs to 110 lbs over lockdown and although the weight on my body dropped it was the weight on my mind that was the biggest achievement.

I began to feel #confident, stronger, healthier and happier after being a domestic abuse survivor. There was a welcoming and supportive #community on #socialmedia that really made me feel like I was part of something.

I had boxers reach out and offer #support, advice and tips and this was the turning point for me I decided I wanted to #fight in an amateur fight and experience being in the ring.

Between lockdowns and when gyms were open I managed to start training with ex World Champion #SteveRobinson and learned the basics and some more. I felt electric and left every session itching to go again.

I have been delayed on getting an amateur fight because of lockdown but I will complete that is my goal and show my children that no matter your age, ability or history, you can come back #fighting and achieve your dreams.

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